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Playoffs start this week for our Winthrop Rambler Fall Sports' Teams.  Good Luck!!!
Field Hockey:  Semi-final game on Friday, October 20th at Kelsey Ann Stoneton field at 3:30pm against Stearns.
Boys' Soccer: At 3:30pm on Friday, October 20th at Carrabec High School-- GO RAMBLERS!!!
Congratulations to the WHS Boys' Soccer Team and Coaches--- first time making the post-season playoffs in ELEVEN YEARS!!!! 
Cross Country: On Saturday, October 21st at Cumberland at Twin Brook-- 11am start time--- Good luck, runners!!!


Winthrop Field Hockey Team members (left) are now the 2017 Mountain Valley Conference CHAMPIONS!  Congratulations to the Rambler Field Hockey Team and Coaches Merrill and Coulton!

Congratulations to the WHS Girls' Cross Country Team (left)! The girls came in 2nd at the Mountain Valley Conference Championship on Saturday, October 14th.  The meet was held at the University of Maine at Augusta. Great job, girls, and Coach VanTassel!

---Saturday, November 21st,  Winthrop High School Performing Arts Center--and Christmas Angel Benefit Spaghetti Dinner...The WHS Senior Class will be hosting an Evening of Improv Comedy that will benefit the Class of 2018 and their efforts to raise money to have a memorable, fun, and safe graduation night.   The dinner is from 6-7pm and will cost $5 per person (age 3 and under are free) and a $20 maximum per family.  The improv show will start at 7pm and the cost is $15 per person. You do NOT want to miss this opportunity to laugh and help two worthy causes-- the WHS Senior Class and the WHS Student Council's Community Christmas Angel Gift program which gives back to Winthrop families in need.  


Winthrop Christmas Angel Holiday Wishlist Campaign: 

WHS is happy once again to help the Winthrop Community share the spirit of giving during this holiday season. For more information on the Christmas Angel program, please click the letter to the left or HERE

Winthrop Grade School students hone technology skills
At Winthrop Grade School, kindergarten students have been learning how to use their computer mouse by playing free online mouse  practice games ​ at http://mousepractice.altervista.org/. Using the open source that Mrs. Rosie downloaded on each computer, Gcompris, offered students many math, reading, and technology games that allowed them to learn and work independently. 

Would you like to volunteer in the Winthrop Public School System?
Are you interested in VOLUNTEERING?  Please consider these volunteer opportunities that exist in the Winthrop Public School system.  We appreciate your willingness to help.

Friends of the Cobbossee Watershed video-- produced by WHS students and teachers... When the Friends of the Cobbossee Watershed called Tiff Shaw, WHS English and video production teacher, and asked for her help to promote their non-profit, environmental cause, she connected fellow teacher of drama, Dennis Price and five students of acting and film (Lukas Grube, Pearl Bechard, Fantasia Perez, Maguire Anuszewski, and Kelly Stratton) to help promote purchasing recyclable Hannaford bags. They filmed a great public-service announcement to help create environmental awareness and responsibility. During the month of September, the sale of the shopping bags benefited the Friends of the Cobbossee Watershed. Please have fun watching the video created by this very talented group of Winthrop High School students and their teachers.  CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO LINK

Winthrop High School math program earns State grant to help with math education funding.  
Please click HERE to learn more. Click: KJ article.

Members of the Winthrop Fire Department "came to the rescue" when the the flag pole halyard needed to be replaced.  Many thanks for your help!!!

This year, Spurwink is partnering with Winthrop Public Schools to offer additional services to our schools.  If you would like to know more about this partnership, click HERE.

Winthrop Public Schools is the number 20th best school district in the State of Maine.

Winthrop is on the Top Ten list for Best Towns to Raise Families
Now the world knows what we have always known...
WINTHROP IS A GREAT PLACE FOR FAMILIES! Winthrop is recognized in the latest 2017 Report of the 10 Best Towns in Maine to raise children. "Winthrop is great for families who love the outdoors!" It is true-- we play outside!!! And, we love to learn!
After the release of test scores, Superintendent Rosenthal congratulates faculty and staff at Winthrop Public Schools on a job well done! Please click on the letter to the left or HERE to link to Superintendent Rosenthal's words of praise.

Winthrop Public Schools' 
Marzano Teacher Evaluation Model  
The Winthrop Public Schools' Teacher Evaluation plan was approved by the Maine Department of Education. This validates the work that the district's evaluation team has done over the past two to three years with regard to intensive training and implementation of the strategies associated with the Marzano model. This is a huge landmark for our district, especially given that we are one of the first wave of schools to have our plan approved by the DOE. While there is still more work to do, it is good to know that the framework of our evaluation model is in place and that we continue to move forward with regard to full implementation.  To see the details of the plan, please click the image to the left.

Maine Education Assessment Results 2016-2017: Best in Kennebec County
Below is the student proficiency data.  In looking at where Winthrop Public Schools have brought students in relation to what other districts in the region are doing, I am thrilled with the overall results of the information. The Maine Department of Education website has a new interactive feature which allows viewers to compare districts in one chart; below, you will find all of the districts in the Kennebec region and the proficiency percentages by subject for each. Also included is the state average. What I am proud to say is that we lead all of the other districts in all three subject areas: math, science, and ELA with regard to student proficiency percentages. I cannot say enough about the direction this district is headed! I am so proud of all of the work that every educator is doing toward the achievement of these results.  I am equally proud of the leadership our principals take in heading the charge.  I offer my thanks to each of our staff members for their work with each and every one of our students-- regardless of his or her title or position in this district; it takes all of the spokes on the wheel to make the bicycle turn and roll efficiently and for those efforts, I thank our educators who well represent our profession and make our community proud.  
--Superintendent Gary Rosenthal--

            District English/Language Arts                      District Mathematics                                           District Science

Winthrop leads all central Maine schools for the fourth year in a row. 
Winthrop High School leads all high schools in the Kennebec region in all three categories: math, English/language arts, and science. 

(Click on each image title above to enlarge; links for district and high school are separate.)

Winthrop Public Schools' Strategic Plan 2106-2019

In February 2017, the Winthrop Board of Education approved the final draft of the 2016-2019 Strategic Plan. 

A copy of The Plan follows and will be used as a framework for the development of our upcoming yearly budgets.

Strategic Plan

Parts I and II

   Strategic Plan Appendices/Glossary

Scanned Appendices

Mission Statement

The Winthrop Public School Communities’ mission is to create a solid foundation 

for students that allows them the opportunity to acquire the skills necessary to 

achieve success in a global world.


                        Superintendent Gary Rosenthal
                         17A Highland Avenue
                       Winthrop, Maine 04364
                            Questions? Concerns? Click HERE to ask.
                               2017-2018 Goals for the Winthrop Public Schools

Winthrop Public Schools Rated by Niche as One of the Best in the US

The Niche rankings focus on the overall student experience at all schools (nationwide) in developing their "Best Schools" list. The Winthrop Maine Public Schools earned an overall grade of B in the 2017 Rankings. Academics, health and safety, teachers, student culture and diversity are all aspects of the analysis. Winthrop High School made the Top 100 list and ranked #28 of all the schools in Maine; the five-year graduation rate average is 91% and our students' attendance rate in 2016 was 86%.  The Winthrop Grade School and Winthrop Middle School both scored a B+. The Winthrop Public Schools are rated one of the safest schools in the state. Based on student and parent ratings of health and safety, area crime rates, rates of expulsion and suspension, and school-related arrests, Winthrop is 36 of 86 safest school districts in Maine.

A high ranking in Overall Experience generally indicates that:
            • Students are very happy with their experiences in all aspects, including academics, teachers, health and safety, resources, facilities, extra-curricular activities, sports and fitness.
            • The school is an exceptional academic institution in terms of teachers, students, resources for learning, and student outcomes.
            • The school is made up of a diverse population and fosters an accepting, positive school culture.
            • Students are actively involved in a variety of extra-curricular activities and sports the school offers.

            • "Winthrop is a town of supportive people who value education, outdoor activities, and sports. All students are treated with respect and encouraged and supported to be their best. I was able to be a three season athlete and got a lot of support and encouragement from the teachers, administrators and the community." --Senior student, Class of 2017
Niche is transforming the way people make big, life decisions. By providing reviews and insight from everyday experts, they make choosing a neighborhood, college or K-12 school a more transparent process. Founded in 2002 by Carnegie Mellon University students as CollegeProwler.com, Niche has grown into one of the largest content startups in the country and provides deep insight into big life decisions. Every year, they help millions of people find their niche and thrive within it.

Winthrop Public Schools District Calendar of Events

District Calendar of Events

DOE Dispatches

Newsweek's 2014 Top HS List
Click on the image to the left or HERE to read "The Methodology of Newsweek's Top High School Rankings". Winthrop High School was one of only four schools in Maine to be recognized in this national ranking.

It is with a great deal of pleasure and excitement that I am able to announce that Winthrop High School has been named by Newsweek Magazine as one of America's Top High Schools for 2014.  This is a terrific honor for Principal Morin, his staff, as well as for the staff members of the Grade School and Middle School, all of whom had a strong hand in the preparation process of the students at our high school.  This is the second recognition for the high school, having been named one of America's Best High Schools in 2012 by US News and World Report.  

Mr. Gary Rosenthal, Winthrop Schools Superintendent

Crosby, Craig. "Winthrop High School Wins Praise". Kennebec Journal 21 Sept. 2014: 1.
" . . . the two towns in AOS97...Winthrop and Fayette . . . had the highest-performing schools in central Maine . . . "
- Kennebec Journal, May 2, 2013


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