The next Winthrop School Board of Education workshop will be at 6pm on Wednesday, April 29th. This will be a time to discuss the 2015-2016 budget. It will be held in the All-Purpose Room. 

As always, the public is welcome and encouraged to attend.

We are now taking students' names for next year's preschool and kindergarten classes. If you have a child who will be four years old (for preschool) or five years old (for kindergarten) on or before October 15, 2015, and would like to register him or her for next year's class, please contact the office at 207.377.2241, extension 101. We will contact the parents of students on the list in March to schedule screening appointments. 
                                                                       Kindergarten screening will be on April 27th and 28th; preschool screening will be on May 
                                                                       13th and 14th.

Winthrop Public Schools' Strategic Plan 

On December 3, 2014, the Winthrop Board of Education approved the final draft of the 2014-2017 Strategic Plan. On January 5, 2015, the Plan was presented to the Winthrop Town Council for their review. A copy of The Plan follows and will be used as a framework for the development of our upcoming FY16 budget.


Strategic Plan – Parts I and II

                                                          Strategic Plan – Appendices A-D

Mission Statement:

The Winthrop Public School Communities’ mission is to create a solid foundation for students that allows them the opportunity to acquire the skills necessary to achieve success in a global world.

Winthrop Schools' Newsletter

Attached below is the new version of our WPS Newsletter which we will also send by BLI e-mail to all staff members and families in our district. In addition, we will distribute hard copies to local businesses in the Winthrop community.


Click on the image to view the newsletter.

District Calendar of Events

DOE Dispatches

Employee Intranet (login required) 

Superintendent Gary Rosenthal
17A Highland Ave
Winthrop, Maine 04364

The Staff Recognition program celebrates a select group of individuals who have made a substantive contribution to the mission of the WPS and without whose services the District would not meet the level of service, programming, and human interaction that we have established as our framework of becoming the best school district not only in Central Maine, but also in the entire State. Last years' recipients were Elaine Morse, Joel Stoneton, Richard Cormier, and Jeff Ladd. 

This year's recognition recipients: Karen Criss, Kevin St. Hillaire, Diana DeBlois, Meg Cook, and Todd MacArthur. Thank you for your much appreciated contributions.

...Recent District Accolades...

Newsweek's 2014 Top HS List
It is with a great deal of pleasure and excitement that I am able to announce that Winthrop High School has been named by Newsweek Magazine as one of America's Top High Schools for 2014. 

This is a terrific honor for Principal Morin, his staff, as well as for the staff members of the Grade School and Middle School, all of whom had a strong hand in the preparation process of the students at our high school. 

This is the second recognition for the high school, having been named one of America's Best High 
                                                       Schools in 2012 by US News and World Report.  
                                                 --Mr. Gary Rosenthal, Winthrop Schools Superintendent

Crosby, Craig. "Winthrop High School Wins Praise". Kennebec Journal 21 Sept. 2014: 1.

" . . . the two towns in AOS97...Winthrop and Fayette . . . had the highest-performing schools in central Maine . . . "
- Kennebec Journal, May 2, 2013